AGM, Committee Applications and Osprey/ Team of the Year !

This years AGM will take place at 4pm on June 13th on via ZOOM- all Ospreys members are welcome! Further details regarding the AGM will be sent to Ospreys members via email in the coming weeks.

Nominations for Team of the year and Osprey of the Year ARE NOW OPEN!!!! Results will be announced at the AGM. Send in your nominations !

Deadline for Team of the Year applications: 4pm, June 6th

Deadline for Osprey of the Year applications: 4pm, June 5th

Deadline for Committee applications: 4pm, June 5th

Michaelmas Speakers Dinner


On Monday 2nd December, we are hosting an Ospreys Speaker Dinner at Newnham College. These evenings are always fantastic occasions to learn from and be inspired by a woman who has made a significant difference in sport.

We are honoured to announce that the guest speaker this term is former olympic rower and world champion Annamarie Phelps CBE. Having been the Vice-Chairman of British Rowing until 2018 and now as the Vice-Chairman of the British Olympic Association, her influence in sport has not diminished. We can’t wait to hear what Annamarie will have to say about her time with Team GB and also her achievements since. It will certainly be a night to remember!

Hawks’ Clubhouse Sharing Agreement

We have some really exciting news regarding the shared clubhouse agreement with the Hawks Club - after four years of complex negotiations, we are finally ready to go this term! This is not a merger with the Hawks Club. It is an opportunity for us to strengthen our Ospreys identity with a tangible base, whilst working in close cooperation with the men's society. This is a big moment for women's sport in Cambridge and we'd like to thank the previous committees for paving the way for this to happen.

What are the benefits of being a resident of the shared clubhouse?
- A base that we can call our own, to which it is a privilege to belong
- Use of the fantastic services, including ability to book rooms or even the whole clubhouse for our own functions
- Right to invite guests
- Ability to purchase subsidised meals and alcohol
- Future access to reciprocal clubs across the country, pending outcome of ongoing negotiations

Please email either Abi (aect3) or Liv (od256) for any questions regarding membership.

2019 Committee Handover

Introducing The Ospreys committee for 2019/20….

President: Olivia Dadge

Vice-President: Tilly Eno

Treasurer: Bridget Fryer

Secretary: Abi Thelluson

Events: Laura Sweeting and Sophie Tamblyn

Logistics and Publicity: Grace Flanagan

Welfare: Holly MacAskill

Design: Holly Tasker

Access: Olivia Shears

Ospreys Committee handover

Sadly, our time as your Ospreys committee for 2017-2018 has come to an end. It has been a pleasure to have been your committee for the past year! What a wonderful, progressive year it has been for Women’s sport in Cambridge.

The Ospreys committee for 2018-2019:

  • President – Emmaline Okafor
  • Vice President – Lucy Hart
  • Treasurer – Blythe Burkhart
  • Secretary – Jessie Shea
  • Events – Julie Wise & Rhiannon Osbourne
  • Publicity – Tiwa Adebayo
  • Kit – Holly Tasker
  • Access – Olivia Dadge
  • Welfare – Georgina Shepherd

Best of luck to the incoming committee! 

Ospreys Bursaries

There was a much greater calibre and number of applications for Ospreys bursaries this year, and as a result the total amount awarded was significantly increased in comparison to last year. In making awards, we looked for motivation and commitment, proven excellence in sport at University level, and evidence of promise at the higher national level. In determining the amount of the awards, access to other University and College support was taken into account.

The Ospreys and Non-Ospreys who received awards this year, and which sport(s) they play are mentioned below. Congratulations to all those who received bursaries this year!

Alice Middleton –  Rugby
Alice White – Rowing
Amy Edwards –  Hockey
Anira Perera – Squash
Anna Gibbons –  Pentathalon
Anna Prescott – Sailing
Becca Frake –   Cross country
Bethan Matthew – Sailing
Bridget Fryer – Athletics
Charlotte Rowlands – Swimming
Chloe Billingham – Athletics
Claudia Dickinson – Tennis
Claudia Feng – Swimming & Waterpolo
Dimitris Kousoulidis – Swimming
Elena Casacuberta – Tennis
Elena Gelzinyte –  Fencing
Ella Benson –   Lacrosse
Ellie Lane – Atheltics
Emily Pratt  – Rugby
Emmaline Okafor – Athletics
Felicity Eno – Lacrosse
Fiona Bunn – Cross country, Orienteering
Frederique Briscoe – Hockey
George Hopes – Sailing
Gerda Bachrati – Football
Harriet Nuttall – Shooting
Hatty Darling – Hockey
Heather Rigby – Volleyball
Henry Morley – Sailing
Hephzibah Adeson – Athletics
Holly Tasker – Cricket
Imogen Grant – Rowing
James Ackland – Orienteering
Jenni Mair – Tennis
Jessica Payne – Swimming
Joseph Wu – Swimming & Waterpolo
Josh Evans – Athletics
Julie Wise – Lacrosse
Juliette Welham – Sailing
Justas Dauparas – Athletics
Kaesi Opara – Athletics
Kate Marks – Rugby
Katherine Gibson – Cricket & Volleyball
Katie Clark – Badminton
Katrin Heider – Swimming
Katy Wilson – Swimming
Kerry Mackereth – Cheerleading
Lianne Dupont – Dancesport
Lou Brett – Rowing
Lucia Corry – Hockey
Lucy Hart – Powerlifting
Maddy Lee – Fencing
Marcin Chrapek –  Swimming
Maya Wright – Volleyball
Myriam Goudet – Rowing
Neil Paul –  Rowing
Niamh Bridson Hubbard – Athletics/X country
Nik Cerutti – Dancesport
Olivia Rowe – Kayaking
Paris Thomas –  Sailing
Paul Hodgson – Pentathalon
Paul Pruzina – Orienteering
Peter Juhasz –  Sailing
Rachel Longstaff – Cross country, Athletics, Triathalon
Rebecca Hartnell – Rowing
Rebecca Lees – Dancesport
Rhiannon Osborne – Hockey
Samantha Chan – Rugby
Serenydd Everden – Lacrosse
Sharna-Louise Willis – Korfball
Sophie Shapter –  Rowing & Football
Sophie Tamblyn – Lacrosse
Stefanie Neun – Volleyball
Stephanie Payne –  Rowing
Thomas Nelson – Dancesport

Ospreys AGM – 17th May

On Thursday the 17th of May we held our Annual General Meeting. The first item on the agenda for this meeting was the presentation of the Osprey of the Year and Team of the Year awards. These presentations were followed by hustings for the new junior executive committee. The current Hawks’ President, Seb Tullie, also gave us an update on the current progress with regards to the sharing of the clubhouse between the Hawks and Ospreys. Finally, the evening was rounded off with the presentation of cheques for the Ospreys and Non-Ospreys who had been awarded Ospreys bursaries this year (the recipients of the bursaries will be named in a subsequent website post).

The new Junior Executive Committee will be announced in a following website post once all of the committee has been decided.

The Osprey of the Year Award, selected by the senior committee, takes into account three aspects: sporting excellence, raising the profile of women’s sport and being involved in encouraging girls to join/support their club. This year, this award was given to the well-deserving Alice Middleton from the Women’s Rugby Union Football club (CURUFC Women)! Congratulations Alice!

Osprey of the Year Alice Middleton (left) holding her trophy, which was presented to her by senior committee member Mary Blackman (right).

The Goldman Sach’s Team of the Year award is a generous bursary which they award to a women’s sports team each year.

“Goldman Sachs is delighted to be sponsoring the Ospreys again this year. This funding is available for a team/club who have surpassed expectations and progressed further in BUCS or other relevant competitions than anticipated and have a specific financial need. Whether you are a club of 100+ people or only a few of you, outstanding achievement deserves to be recognised”

This year, the award was given to CURUFC Women. What an excellent season it has been for Women’s Rugby at Cambridge!

CURUFC Women’s Team Manager Sophie Farrant (left) and Team Captain Lara Gibson (right) being presented with a bottle of Champagne.

Easter Term Speaker’s Dinner – 26th April

The Ospreys were lucky enough to have Nicole Sapstead, the CEO of UK Anti-Doping, as our guest speaker at our final Speaker’s Dinner of the year. The dinner was held in St John’s College, and began with a drinks reception, followed by a lovely dinner. Nicole delivered a thought-provoking speech on the challenges she faces as a woman working in Sport, and how we can help overcome them!

What a wonderful night it was!

Dr Pat Marsh, Connie Hsueh (Churchill, Waterpolo), Nicole Sapstead (the speaker UKAD) Claudia Feng (Trinity, Waterpolo, Swimming), Maxine Meju (Fitzwilliam, Rugby, Athletics) at the reception for the Speakers Dinner arranged by the Osprey's
Connie Hsueh (Churchill College, Waterpolo), Nicole Sapstead (Guest Speaker), Claudia Feng (Trinity college, Waterloo & Swimming), Maxine Meju (Fitzwilliam College, Rugby & Athletics) at the drinks reception

Nicole Sapstead who was the speaker at the Speaker's Dinner arranged by the Ospreys'
Nicole Sapstead (Guest Speaker) at the drinks reception

Roshni Becker , Katie Gibson (Pembroke, Cricket), Holly Tasker (Caius, Cricket) at the reception for the Speakers Dinner arranged by the Osprey's , Katie Gibson (Pembroke, Cricket), Holly Tasker (Caius, Cricket) and Dr Pat Marsh at the reception for the S
Roshni Becker, Katie Gibson (Pembroke College, Cricket), Holly Tasker (Caius, Cricket) and Dr Pat Marsh at the drinks reception