Lent Term Speaker’s Dinner – 17th March

On Saturday night we hosted our termly Speaker’s dinner at Trinity Hall, which was a delightful, well attended evening with a delicious three-course meal. We were honoured to have Rebecca Rowe as our guest speaker, who is a multi-sport international athlete who has competed at 4 world championships in 3 different sports! She delivered a very motivational speech about her sporting journey, which was well received by the Ospreys in attendance.



The Ospreys would like to thank Rebecca for her inspirational speech, which really was the cherry on top of a lovely evening!

Michaelmas Speaker’s Dinner – 17th Nov

On Friday the 17th of November, the Ospreys were delighted to welcome our guest speaker: GB hockey player Helen Richardson-Walsh (Olympic Gold and Bronze medalist,  European Champion and Quadruple Olympian).

To begin the wonderful evening, which took place at Downing College, there was a pre-dinner Champagne reception where there was the opportunity to mingle and meet one another prior to the dinner.

The three course meal was exceptional, as was the memorable speech delivered by Helen. Helen’s speech mentioned some very powerful ideas on winning mentality and culture, which could translate well to any sport. We were grateful to Helen for bringing along the Olympic Gold medal that she obtained at Rio 2016, and allowing each of the Ospreys to hold it and take pictures with it. It was so inspiring to be able to see an Olympic Gold medal up close!

The Ospreys would like to say a huge thank you to Helen for speaking at our dinner, and we look forward to keeping in touch.

Ospreys’ Welcome Drinks and the upcoming Speaker’s Dinner

Last Tuesday evening we hosted welcome drinks and nibbles at the Hawks’ club. This event was open to both current Ospreys and potential future Ospreys (freshers new to university sports teams and existing university sportswomen who are not yet Ospreys). There was a great turnout from both familiar faces and fresh faces. What a fun evening it was!

Current and potential future Ospreys at the welcome drinks at Hawks’ Club

We look forward to the next Ospreys social event, which will be our first Speaker’s Dinner of the year! We are lucky enough to have GB hockey player Helen Richardson-Walsh as our guest speaker. See below for more details:

Poster for the Michaelmas Speaker’s Dinner

The Incoming Ospreys’ Committee

After the results of the AGM earlier on in May, the final incoming committee places have been confirmed:

President: Lizzie Withers; CUWLC; Trinity.

Vice-President: Georgina Shepherd; CULTC, CURFC; Emmanuel.

Treasurer: Emmaline Okafor; CUAC; Newnham.

Secretary: Blythe Burkhart; CUWLC, CUCPSC, CUSSC, CUPC; Homerton.

The non-exec committee members are chosen by the outgoing and incoming committees. These roles are filled by the unsuccessful exec applicants and those who specifically applied too. The results are:

Kit Secretary: Emily Coales; CUWLC; Trinity Hall.

Publicity: Maxine Meju; CUAC; Fitzwilliam.

Ents Officers: Claudia Feng; CUSWPC; Trinity & Rhianna Miller; CUHC; Fitzwilliam.

Access Officer: Kate Marks; CURUFCW; Murray Edwards.

The official handover will be taking place at the Ospreys’ Summer Drinks on Thursday the 15th June at 5.30pm at the Varsity Hotel and Spa, Cambridge. It is always a lovely event, with the canapés and champagne flowing. Unfortunately, places are already filled, and there is a waiting list if you did not manage a spot, so keep an eye on those emails! We look forward to seeing you there, and if not at Hawks event 2017.

The Outgoing Junior Committee x

summer drinks


The Ospreys’ AGM 2017

Wednesday the 10th of May saw the return of the annual general meeting, where Osprey of the Year and Team of the Year awards are presented, as well as hustings for the junior exec committee. This year was unlike any other with the idea of sharing the clubhouse with the Hawks being proposed for general discussion.

Hawks’ President Jamie Giddins was present for questioning and to emphasise how he and the entire committee entirely support this proposal and it is a very exciting prospect moving in the correct direction of equality and a shared front for sport in Cambridge. There was a unanimous vote amongst present Ospreys for the proposal, and it will be put towards an email vote in the near future.

The hustings this year were very competitive and there were a lot of strong candidates, results will be released shortly, and be updated on this article. Below is a list of the candidates going for junior exec roles:

Claudia Feng; Swimming & Waterpolo; Third Year Mathematician at Trinity
Emily Coales; Lacrosse; Third Year Engineer at Trinity Hall
Lizzie Withers; Lacrosse; Third Year Engineer at Trinity
Vice President:
Georgina Shepherd; Tennis; Fourth Year Medic at Emmanuel
Emmaline Okafor; Athletics; Second Year Chemical Engineer at Newnham
Claudia Feng; Swimming & Waterpolo; Third Year Mathematician at Trinity
Emily Coales; Lacrosse; Third Year Engineer at Trinity Hall
Blythe Burkhart; Lacrosse, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Polo, Skiing; First Year MML at Homerton
Finally, the results of the two awards that occur each year:
The Osprey of the Year Award, this award is chosen by the senior committee and takes into account three aspects: Sporting Excellence; Raising the profile of Women in Sport; Being involved in encouraging girls to join / supporting their club. This year, we are delighted to announce the winner to be Kirsty Davies from the Dancesport Team. Congratulations Kirsty!
Kirsty with Senior Committee Chairperson Mary Blackman

The second award is the Goldman Sach’s Team of the Year, which is a generous bursary recognising an excellent season, but also teams that have financial need:

“Goldman Sachs is delighted to be sponsoring the Ospreys again this year. This funding is available for a team/club who have surpassed expectations and progressed further in BUCS or other relevant competitions than anticipated and have a specific financial need. Whether you are a club of 100+ people or only a few of you, outstanding achievement deserves to be recognised”

The junior committee shortlisted two teams which was then passed onto Goldman Sach’s who made final decision to award team of the year to the Netball Club! Congratulations girls on a fantastic season, and good luck for the next year in your newly promoted league in BUCS. Below is Hayley Smith, Women’s Captain being presented with a bottle of Champagne by Junior President Freddie Hampel.

Hayley Smith, Captain of Ladies Netball: The Goldman Sach’s Team of the Year 2017

Thanks for attending, and see you all at summer drinks!

The Junior Committee x


The Ospreys at The Varsity Match 2016

Thursday 8th December saw The Ospreys return to Twickenham for our inaugural networking lunch. This year, we were invited to join in on the Networking Breakfast which saw 4 guest speakers talk about Resilience and Getting Over the Line in Women’s Sport. Sarah Winckless, former British rower started off the talks, and what followed was some really interesting and conversation provoking topics.

Sarah Winckless – starting off the breakfast networking event speeches

After the breakfast we congregated over to our seats to watch the women’s match, after last year’s 52 nil defeat we were confident for a light blue win.

Oxf*rd were the first to draw blood with a penalty kick to be three points up around 15mins into first half, and the rest of the match was disappointingly the same. Cambridge really dominating possession and having all the pressure but not quite managing to make anything of it. The entire second half was dominated by Cambridge who were playing almost exclusively in the Oxford defending half, but sadly no tries nor points were scored by either team, resulting in a rather underwhelming 3-0 loss to Cambridge. Unlucky to the girls, there is always next year, plus, the return fixture in BUCS were they are sure to assert their dominance and get that well-deserved win against the other side.

The main event of the day followed with a lunch in the Twickenham hospitality suite where there was plenty of wine and an open bar, which The Ospreys thoroughly enjoyed.

Some resident Ospreys enjoying their lunch and wine

There was a strong contingent of both resident and alumnae Ospreys (and their families) in presence which was nice to see and encourage some catching up with recent graduates.

After the lunch, we headed out to watch the 135th Mens Varsity Match, a lot rested on Captain Daniel Dass of Cambridge’s shoulders who did not want to lead the men into a 7th successive loss. This would have resulted in the most losses in a row, ever, in a varsity match…

Oxford were the first to draw blood, in a similar fashion to their female counterparts scoring a penalty kick within the first few minutes, this did not stop Cambridge who just came back even stronger and proved to be the better side resulting in a great performance and a 23-18 win for the light blues.p1050032

What a day. Until next year Twickenham. #GDBO

(Photos are up on our Facebook page here )




Michaelmas Speakers Dinner- 18th Nov

On Friday the 18th November, The Ospreys were happy to welcome our guest speaker: Lisa O’Keefe, Insight Director at Sport England and the brains behind the This Girl Can campaign which has inspired millions of girls to get active.

To start the lovely three course meal which took place in Jesus College upper hall, there was a chance to mingle and meet each other at the champagne reception. The This Girl Can campaign posters had been set up around the room as decoration and to provide conversation starters.

The meal was exquisite, and after the starter and main, Lisa got up to do her speech… It was incredible. It left us all inspired, lost for words and with a new-found pride to be a part of the community that is #WomenInSport. We, as The Ospreys are role models for women in sport. Everywhere.

A few things that Lisa mentioned when it comes to the barriers that women face in taking part in sport. They are worth noting and taking away from the evening.

” Judgement manifests itself in three ways:

  1. Ability -> learn to BACK YOURSELF
  2. Appearance -> get over the fact that you will be sweaty and unattractive at points when doing sport, it doesn’t matter, everyone is in the same boat
  3. Find the time and prioritise YOURSELF -> Life gets in the way. Find time for YOU, and the time to keep active. “

The Ospreys would like to say a massive thank you to Lisa for speaking, and look forward to keeping in touch and strengthening the campaign which has done so much for women in sport already.


The Ospreys Committee with guest speaker Lisa O’Keefe. A big thank you to Rashmi for making this possible

The Ospreys at The Varsity Match


To celebrate women in sport, The Ospreys are proud to say we are continuing on the success of last year’s Ospreys at the Varsity Match 2015 and taking it to a new level where we are making a full day out of it, with not only lunch in one of the Twickenham hospitality rooms at an incredible discount price, but with a new added Ospreys’ Breakfast with 4 fantastic guest speakers on the subject of: Getting Over The Line in Women’s Sport.

Prices this year for resident Ospreys (and their plus 1s) are:

  • Ospreys Lunch and ticket to both matches: £29
  • Ospreys Breakfast and ticket to both matches: £39
  • Both: £49

To get your tickets follow the link on the facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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