University of Cambridge

Honouring Achievement

The Ospreys are dedicated to raising the profile of women’s sport in Cambridge, recognising achievement, and bringing University sportswomen together. As such, the Ospreys offer a set of annual awards to honour outstanding performance and contribution.

Ospreys Bursaries

The Ospreys seek to provide financial support for our members in the form of Bursary awards. Hawks & Ospreys Charitable Trust Awards.

The Trust’s objects are:
“a) to advance the education of students of the University of Cambridge, including their physical education and development;

b) the award of bursaries and scholarships or provision of other financial assistance to young persons at or who have accepted a place at Cambridge University who or whose parents are in need of financial assistance.”

More information can be found here

Osprey of the Year Award

The Osprey of the Year award honours a Cambridge sportswoman who has exemplified everything it means to be an Osprey. The recipient has achieved sporting excellence, contributed to raising the profile of women’s sport at Cambridge, and encouraged the development of other University sportswomen.

All Ospreys are eligible for this award and candidates are chosen based upon peer nomination. The final recipient is selected by the Ospreys Committee.

Our 2023 Osprey of the Year is Phoebe Barker.

Phoebe boasts four blues (CUHH, CUCC, CUTriC, CUAC) and a trail of BUCS medals. Recently crowned national duathlon champion, Phoebe runs faster than most men in the first leg. Phoebe took up triathlon post-injury and clinched BUCS andVarsity success in her debut season. Winning the 5000m at Varsity twice, she leaves a legacy not just as an extraordinary athlete, but also as a dedicated coach for CUTriC and modern pentathlon. Phoebe will be dearly missed from Cambridge next year, after an incredible 6 years. 

Team of the Year Award

The ‘Team of the Year award’ honours a Cambridge University sports team or club that has had an exemplary season and as a result have had extra costs associated with this success.

All university sports clubs at Cambridge that include female members are eligible for this award. Nominations may be for a whole club or one team within a club; applications are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Our 2022 Team of the Year is the Women’s Football Blues. 

The Women’s Football Blues achieved unprecedented success during the 22/23 season. The team reached the BUCS national final for the first time in club history, smashed Oxford 4-0 at Varsity and placed 3rd in their league.

Take up in women’s football has only grown following the Lionesses success, this has led to a huge increase in CUAFC participation. The Eagles won their 22/23 Varsity 2-0 and the development squad have become their own team, The Merlins.