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Meet the 2023-24 Junior Committee

Each year the resident members of The Ospreys vote for a new Executive Junior Committee (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) and then the incoming and outgoing committee vote for the other Junior Committee members (Events, Kit, Communications, Welfare & Development and Access and Charities Officers).

The Senior Committee were students of the University themselves and are still very much involved in sport and the running of The Ospreys and the University as a whole, read more here.

Georgia Tooth


Sport: Netball
College: Murray Edwards
Subject: Medicine
Year: 6th
Contact details: gt391@cam.ac.uk

Georgia Weeks

Vice President

Sports: Skiing, Lacrosse
College: Downing
Subject: Medicine
Year: 4th
Contact details: gksw2@cam.ac.uk

Aisha Brown


Sports: Lawn Tennis
College: Trinity
Subject: Medicine
Year: 5th
Contact details: aeb88@cam.ac.uk

Susannah Hickie


Sport: Netball
College: Wolfson
Subject: PhD in Criminology
Year: 2nd year PhD
Contact details: sh2135@cam.ac.uk

Millie Ireland-Carson

Communications Officer

Sport: Netball
College: Murray Edwards
Subject: Economics
Year: 3rd
Contact details: mci31@cam.ac.uk

Sophie O'Keeffe

Events Officer

Sport: Swimming
College: Emmanuel
Subject: Engineering
Year: 4th
Contact details: sjo49@cam.ac.uk

Martha Rushbrooke

Events Officer

Sports: Lawn Tennis
College: St Catherine's
Subject: Veterinary Medicine
Year: 5th
Contact details: mr832@cam.ac.uk

Etta Magill

Kit Officer

Sport: Hockey
College: Fitzwilliam
Subject: Law
Year: 3rd
Contact details: hmm60@cam.ac.uk

Rosa Humphreys

Welfare & Development Officer

Sport: Netball
College: Queens
Subject: MPhil in Knowledge, Power and Politics
Year: 4th
Contact Details: rmh76@cam.ac.uk

Nancy Twigg

Access & Charities Officer

Sport: Rugby
College: Homerton
Subject: HSPS
Year: 3rd
Contact details: nda28@cam.ac.uk

Sophie Wilson

Alumnae Officer

Sport: Cross Country, Athletics, Skiing
College: Selwyn
Subject: Medicine & PhD
Year: 6th
Contact Details: sw956@cam.ac.uk

Hetta Friend

Hawks & Ospreys Event Officer

Sports: Rugby
College: Robinson
Subject: Medicine
Year: 6th
Contact details: hvf24@cam.ac.uk